What are the characteristics and uses of the Auto Wire Stripper?

The auto wire stripper is a machine that strips the plastic sheath and the metal core of the wire and the like.

auto wire stripper

Due to the difference in wire diameter, material and composition, there are different suitable models: short and thin wire type, large square type, flat wire type, sheathed wire, coaxial wire type and other computer wire stripping machines. It is the most widely used machinery in the machinery industry. People are now relying on various mechanical automation in many places, and the wire stripper is the machinery that can help people produce the most. Classification: intelligent computer stripping machine, high-speed stripping machine, auto wire stripper, electric stripping machine, pneumatic stripping machine, cable stripping machine, cable stripping machine, sheath stripping machine, coaxial stripping machine line machine, etc.

The auto wire stripper is a product integrating mechatronics and is widely used in the fixed-length and quantitative cutting and stripping of wires in the electronics industry, automobile and motorcycle parts industry, electrical appliances, motors and other industries.

The auto wire stripper is a new generation of wire harness processing equipment with complete knowledge products that adopts high-speed microprocessor and advanced motion control technology. Humanized design, extremely simple to operate. The product is suitable for the processing of wire and cable and sheathed wire. The processed wire harness has the same length, beautiful appearance and good twisting effect.